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We are a specialist boat transport company based near Dover in Kent. We transport yachts, motor cruisers and workboats around the U.K and all over Europe.

Our Simple Process

Step 1 - Contact & FAQ

We will collect the nessecary information via your online quote to provide you with a fair price for the transport of your boat.

Step 2 - Boat Preperation

We provide a checklist in our services section, which will ensure a trouble free trip.

Step 3 - Transportation

Your boat will be our top priority. Transport of your boat will be carried out safely and securely.

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Pride in our Work

We take great pride in what we do best. Moving boats and yachts carefully, with knowledgeable and helpful staff. This ensures safe loading of your vessel onto our trailers and right through the transportation process so we deliver your dream in one piece.

Specialist Boat Transport Company

Located near the channel port of Dover, we are ideally suited for boat transport to and from France and Spain by road. We have specialist trailers that have all the necessary supports to safely carry all hull shapes. Our trailers are capable of carrying most types of boat.

Safe UK and European Boat Transport

We can supply cradles for boats being shipped that can be made in house or sourced locally to us, ensuring complete safety for your boat during transit. We are able to prepare boats ready for transport, and can offer a shrink wrap service to add protection during transit.

Years Established

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Our simple, 3-step process

Step 1 - Contact & FAQ

Things to Consider

 Cranes / lifts

We normally leave the arrangement and payment of any cranes or Marina lifts to the owner. This arrangement service can be provided for a small fee, as getting both ends and all of the transport to tie up can sometimes be the most frustrating part of arranging transport! The whole package of lifting and transport will then be arranged and paid for by us, and payment for all services can be made to us, making easy work of arranging the day.


We have a specialist goods in transit policy that covers our service on an ‘all risks’ basis. This is the most comprehensive cover that can be applied. The standard value that we cover to is £300,000. If your boat is over this value, a very small additional premium will be required to ensure full cover. It is still advisable to have full comprehensive insurance on your craft whilst in transit.

Boats travelling to Spain will require their policy document to be translated into Spanish. This will be provided by your insurer. The policy will be required to be shown to the ‘capitanerie’ or harbour master before the boat will be launched into the water.


For all boat moves we will issue a pro-forma invoice, and require payment before the day. Payment should be made by a cheque or internet banking transfer (Funds must be cleared before the day). If arranged, we may accept cash when we arrive at the collection point. Invoices / Receipts will be sent to you if paid prior or on the receipt of cash on the day. We do not have card facilities at the moment.

 On the day

You are more than welcome to be there on the day but it is not a necessity. We will ensure that your boat is signed for on our delivery note and any keys are collected and again signed for at the destination. We also check over the boat to ensure that it is safe to travel and that all fenders and warps are secured inside.

Note: Due to the fact that some marinas are located down small roads, many of these are lined with trees and bushes. We have had occasions where the hull (especially dark blue hulls) get marked by overhanging bush or tree branches. We would like to note that although this cannot be avoided in some cases, we make every effort to avoid such things. The branch markings do just rub off however, and do not damage the hull in any way. We must however point out that we cannot accept liability for these marks.

Shrink wrapping will eliminate this if you are worried about it.


We really value your feedback. This will enable us to keep our services tailored to your needs. We would appreciate comments for the website too, so if we carry out transport for you, we would like to hear from you. We can then post photos of your boat or yacht being transported and it will give other people information on the service that we provide.

Step 2 - Boat Preparation

Before transport, we advise that you prepare to ensure a trouble free trip.

We advise that you carry out the checklist below


For boats travelling to or from France/Spain, we will require the original documents for the vessel, which we will also photocopy (for customs purposes). These documents are; Registration papers or SSR certificate. For boats travelling to or from France/Spain, we will require the original documents for the vessel, which we will also photocopy (for customs purposes).

These documents are; Registration papers or SSR certificate. Insurance (also translated into Spanish if boat is going to Spain, your insurance provider will source this for you). VAT status (i.e. bill of sale or original purchase receipt showing that vat has been paid on the purchase of the boat).

We will also fill out an ‘International consignment note, or CMR note upon collection, this is a legal requirement for all European journeys.


Our driver will check over the boat to ensure safety whilst being transported, and will visually inspect the hull, topsides and drive gear for condition, and produce a report before the boat is loaded, which is to be signed by the customer or customers representative. The same check will be carried out at the arrival point, where again, the report will be signed by the driver and the customer. This ensures maximum safety for both you, the customer and for us, in the unlikely event of any damage occurring. We are fully Insured and are members of the Road Haulage Association, ensuring quality and safety.

Step 3 - UK & Europe Boat Transportation

You can be rest assured that the safe transportation of your boat will be our top priority


Boat Shift Trailer

We have designed and built our own trailer that combines state of the art equipment together with a design specific for boat hulls.

This trailer features the latest electronic braking system available and giving the best safety guarantee a new system called RSP – Roll Stability Programming. If the electronic unit senses that the trailer starts to roll, the brakes of the trailer are automatically activated to prevent a trailer roll over. The build of this trailer meets and exceeds all the latest build specifications, ensuring the very best conditions to transport boats.

3 Axles on air suspension and an increase in weight carrying capacity. Larger boat size capacity with extending rear bumper and lit wide load side markers.

Together with our Renault Premium tractor units, this will give the smoothest ride for all boats. The trucks are equipped with 420hp or 440hp engine, a 16 speed gearbox, electronically controlled air suspension, electronic anti lock braking system (linked to the trailer) and an extra exhaust braking system, all allowing very smooth control and braking.

We’ve Been Moving Boats For Over 12 Years

We keep in contact with the owner and departure or arrival points as necessary throughout the trip to ensure that the process is completed smoothly, with no time delays. We also work together with many boat sales companies and dealers.

We have lots of information on boat transport in France and Spain on our Transport Information page which will be of interest to anyone thinking of taking a boat to, or returning from the Med.

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Transport Information

Modern road transport is governed by so much ‘red-tape’, mainly for safety reasons. We always keep within the law and have a “clean” history.This can be tedious but we have to work around problems the same as any other business.

UK Regulations
  • In the UK, loads up to 2.9m wide are classed as a normal load.
  • Over 2.9m wide are classified as wide-loads.

If your boat is wider than this, then by law, we are required to notify the Police force in each county through which the route will pass. The Police require two clear working days notice together with the exact dimensions of the vehicle and load, the collection and delivery addresses, the date(s) of the move, and the route. The Police may delay the movement times in the interest of road safety or if it may hold up other road users. Providing accurate details to the Police not only ensures that there are no issues during transit but also that adequate Insurance cover is provided.

Sometimes we need to provide an escort vehicle for the load if the police require it, and boats over 3.5m wide require an assistant to travel with the load, either in the cab or in an escort vehicle. We have our own ‘Pilot’ or Escort Vehicle service for Wide loads that require escorting.

Height limits in the UK vary depending on the route taken. There is no legal limit, but the maximum overall ‘Safe’ height is 16’6″ (5M). Most motorway bridges are at least this height. The maximum height will be measured once the boat is loaded onto the trailer. If any items that can be removed or lowered from the roof this will ensure that your travelling height is as low as possible, making routes easier to plan and keeping distance travelled lower. Depending on the type of boat, the maximum height available will vary.

France & Spain Regulations
  • Anything over 2.5mtrs wide and/or more than 4mtrs high is classed as ‘Convoi Exceptionnel’

Boats from 2.5m up to 3m wide are classed as Category 1.

These loads require a special permit and can only use certain roads. Some motorways can be used, but only within certain times and some junctions may be prohibited due to narrow toll booths. Maximum loaded height of 4.5m if auto routes are used.

Loads 3m to 4m wide are classed Category 2.

Cat 2 loads require escort vehicles to travel with them all the time, and are subject to specific routes and times. The vehicle and load cannot travel on any auto routes, and depending on height the route can have hundreds of miles added, to bypass bridges that are too low etc.

For both Cat 1 and Cat 2 loads in France, certain areas will not permit driving at night, whilst there are also a whole host of different ‘bans’, meaning we cannot transit towns and villages during certain hours. This can add considerable time and mileage to journeys.

In Spain

The only routes we can use are specified on our permits, and we have a whole itinerary of permits that link up allowing us to make various journeys.

The standard width for a Cat 2 permit in Spain is 4.5m wide, still requiring the full use of a pilot vehicle.

Generally in France and Spain, the bridge heights are lower. This requires the boat or yacht to sit as low as possible on the trailer, and any item that can be removed may need to be removed to allow a safe trip. (Flybridge screens, rails etc)

When filling out the enquiry form it is important that we have as much information and as many dimensions as possible, so we can calculate the correct route, and to enable the paperwork to be filed in order that we can operate on the day without any problems.

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